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In 2021 we launched our ‘Make The Most’ project. A visional re-purposing of our current Classic building to make the most of the resources we have at Renewal so we can reach future generations and go from one to many.

In Nehemiah the people say “let us start rebuilding” and we believe God is calling us to begin building a good work at Renewal. We want to create connections with young people to share the gospel. To provide a space where we can reach into future generations. To give people a story of how they encountered the love of Jesus – a story like yours or mine.

The Classic Building at our Solihull location is ours and God’s opportunity to make this happen. Whatever Renewal location you call home, giving into this project enables Renewal to grow, provide and reach more.

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You can give online by clicking the button below. Our online giving platform is simple, safe and secure and you can send us a one-off gift, or setup ongoing donations.


How we’ll complete the project

We’ve met numerous times with the architects to talk about how we complete the project. We believe that phasing the transformation will make sure we can finish what we start. We also wanted to make sure the building was useable from the completion of the first phase, to create a space for young people to come and belong as soon as we can. For a look through all the phases, have a scroll below.

For those that are wondering how long the project will take to complete, we will not be able to set timelines until we actually begin building. Reaching the first target will help give us a clearer projection.

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Vision Offering

The ‘Make The Most’ project will transform one of our current building assets to reach the next generation with the gospel. Your giving to the Vision Offering enables us to meet the phased targets and make this project a reality.


Want to know more?

If you would like to know more, or have a specific question about the project, drop us a message here and one of our team will get back to you.

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