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26 January 2020 | Sunday

A Matter Of What Matters – Andy Bromley

A Matter Of What Matters

How do we stand strong in a fast flowing culture that is trying to lure our trust and devotion to things that will ultimately bring death? Daniel understood that worship matters; who we place our trust in, our hope in, matters. Knowing that God is sovereign; the sense of comfort, that comes to those waiting for the arrival of His promises, the balm in the middle of uncomfortable surroundings and when everything seems lost, God is still working his purposes out. Worship matters in the midst of Sovereign matters. 


Standing Strong

Standing Strong The book of Daniel is an active encouragement to give your life to Jesus, and to be courageous representing him in your generation. We have a clarion call not to lose our nerve, or let our faith be diluted amidst huge cultural pressures. We want to equip you to go against the flow. Daniel, through active faith, silent and prayerful wisdom, shows us how to stand strong.

To stand strong in the world today means to be on the solid foundation of the name of Jesus. To live for him in a culture, that feels like you are swimming against the tide, you’ll need the right values, the right food, and to know who you are. You’ll need wisdom, to be bold, to maintain integrity and hold to a strong witness. You’ll need Prayer, the Word of God, and the Holy Spirit. Let’s be a Daniel, rise our heads above the parapet and resolve not to get swept away.


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Worship singer and songwriter Andy oversees all aspects of services, music and creativity across Renewal. A fan of the great outdoors, Andy loves walking, running or hiking in God's creation.