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29 December 2019 | Sunday

Doors, Boxes & Tables – Jonny Lee

“She will give birth to a son and you are to name him ‘Saviour,’ for he is destined to give his life to save his people from their sins.”

Jesus came for one big reason – to save us! Many were looking for a Saviour from the political regime that surrounded them, others were looking for a Saviour from hardship. Jesus came as a Saviour who would deliver us from sin and death. Without Jesus, Christmas loses permanent significance and wherever He is accepted and received salvation enters!

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Jonny is our Liverpudlian senior leader who is all about making Jesus famous in the Heart of the UK. Jonny is a live life to the full person, with family, at home, at play or work. Enthusiastic and passionate, Jonny loves to teach and make you smile or think!