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10 March 2019 | Sunday

Have No Fear – Part 1

Fear is gripping, debilitating and can dominate your life. We can believe something is out there that we cannot do anything to stop. Fear has been with us from the start of fallen nature and as we read throughout Scripture there are many examples of men and women who like us were fearful. Facing fears with faith takes courage, but others have gone before us and defeated this stronghold – so we can too. We want you to choose to place your faith in God. He will empower you with all you need to overcome fear. Through this series we will teach the God given principles to defeat fear in our lives.


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Jonny is our Liverpudlian senior leader who is all about making Jesus famous in the Heart of the UK. Jonny is a live life to the full person, with family, at home, at play or work. Enthusiastic and passionate, Jonny loves to teach and make you smile or think!