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05 January 2020 | Sunday

The Flow Of Culture – Jonny Lee

A year opening two part message on The Flow of Culture & The importance of the Bible. Starting a new year with a fresh sense and a renewed hope of being effective wherever God places you. Being a Christian does not inwardly change you alone, it transforms how you relate to every part of the world.

Faith is personal, but is not to be kept private!

These opening year messages will guide us to rethinking how to exercise faith in public ways. Our approach and understanding is crucial and we encourage everyone to think about how we share the gospel in all of our individual and corporate contexts.

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Jonny is our Liverpudlian senior leader who is all about making Jesus famous in the Heart of the UK. Jonny is a live life to the full person, with family, at home, at play or work. Enthusiastic and passionate, Jonny loves to teach and make you smile or think!