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Renewal’s values are what we do alongside what we believe

Values are defined as our core beliefs and stimulate how we behave, act, dream and plan. Every organisation and church has a culture and a set of values. Some intentional. Some accidental. Some aspirational. They are a combination of what you create and what you allow.

Values, in short, are what matters most. Healthy churches do not happen by accident. What we value determines what we do. What we believe determines how we behave. To hold to the highest standards of representing the name of Jesus, The Core Four will lead our redemptive mission to the heart of the nation.

If we truly accept and live by these values and the standards Jesus sets for us, we would offer the world an authentic Christian counterculture.

We are defined as a body of believers that gathers with both intent and order. The church is to serve as the ongoing work of Jesus, as His hands and His feet, to reach out to a deeply fallen world and call it back to God.

We must not copy the nature of the world around us, nor be combative separatists. We are called to be countercultural in an impactful manner to a post-Christian generation. We need to be relevant but resolute in our faith and we need people from all walks of life to achieve this!

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The purpose of creating a vision book is to communicate with clarity the mission, values and vision of Renewal. If you would like a copy of our ‘Mission, Values & Vision’ book to read while you are on the move, you can download it by clicking the button below. Its free to download, so get it on your iBooks shelf!


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