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Our Team

Executive Team

Meet our Executive Team

Andy - Director of Services & Creativity

Worship singer and songwriter Andy oversees all aspects of services, music and creativity across Renewal. A fan of the great outdoors, Andy loves walking, running or hiking in God's creation.

Ben - Director of Media & Communications

Born and bred in Solihull, Ben is a communication guru who loves Jesus, people and music. When he is not managing all things media, you will mostly find him on a drum kit.

Joe - Director of Operations

Music and movie fan Joe leads the Operations team at Renewal. When not spinning plates in the office, he loves filling plates with colourful cuisine in the kitchen.

Justyn - Pastor of Care & Growth

Born into Renewal, Justyn has been part of the church his whole life. He now heads up a vast team of talented staff and volunteers at Renewal in between cups of coffee and a digestive biscuit.

Leona - Director of People & Projects

Leona loves people and thrives in the fast-paced environment of managing church events. When she is not being admin extraordinaire, Leona will be found in a park with her little boy.

Robin - Chief Finance Officer

Rugby fan Robin is Chief Finance Officer and manages the day to day finances within the church. When not working, Robin will be found in a scrum or perfecting his par.

Staff Team Leaders

Meet our amazing Staff Team Leaders

Dean - Children's Pastor

Sports mad Dean leads our fantastic children’s ministry, FaithBuilders. When he is not encouraging his amazing team or making children laugh, you'll find him watching footie or enjoying a walk.

Debby - Human Resources & Safeguarding Manager

Outdoors loving Debby is a key part of the team supporting the systems and processes at Renewal. When not in the office, she will be mostly herding her two young children.

Katherine - Youth & Young Adults Pastor

Katherine has been at Renewal since she was 8, and now leads the Youth and young people across our locations. She is also a woman of many talents, playing piano and having a background in performing arts.

Nicola - Office Manager

Local lass and travel enthusiast Nicola is the brains behind the organised offices at Renewal Solihull. Outside of the office, Nicola loves hanging out with family and friends.

Steve - Site Manager

Elite athlete Steve now puts Renewal site team through their paces to maintain a safe church campus environment. When not managing the site, you will find him cooking up a storm in the kitchen.

Eldership Team

Meet our Elders


Swimmer and Bible scholar Niall has served at Renewal since 1984, and is part of the Eldership team. He lives in Solihull with his wife Jean.


Videographer Kevin is a born and bred Brummie, who is passionate about people finding their purpose. When not serving at Renewal, Kevin is busy running his own media company.


Meet our Trustees

Cheron - Chair of Safeguarding Subcommittee

Travel lover Cheron lives in Solihull and has been at Renewal for over 16 years. She now serves as a Trustee and when not in church you can find her on a cruise ship or on a spa day!

Matthew Douglas - Chair of Finance Subcommittee

Matthew has been part of Renewal since he was a teenager and is passionate about a generational community. When not serving as trustee, Matthew will be found socialising with family and friends.


Keisha has been at Renewal since 2008, and is passionate about seeing the next generation living for Jesus. She supports the strategic leadership of the church, while running her own business.


Father of three Dean loves being part of the Renewal family. As a trustee, he works to support the church vision, but when not serving, Dean is never happier than when he is behind the wheel.