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21 March 2022 | Sunday

Authority & Author

Authority & Author

There are two things to avoid when thinking about how the authority of the bible applies to our life.

1. Taking the author out of the authority. We are not a religion of the book, where we look to tick the boxes we think the bible presents, the bible should lead us to the life of Jesus – we don’t use the bible to tell us we are getting our live right, we use it to show us what the life of Christ in us is like.

2. Taking authority away from the author. We are on dangerous ground when we disregard texts we don’t like, because “that doesn’t sound like Jesus”! Jesus is both the author and the authority – He is the word! And so when texts challenge and trouble us – we understand that Jesus is speaking as much in those moments, as when He is doing things in the gospels that we love!

The Holy Bible

In a time where absolute authority is questioned, for individualism, in regards to truth, we believe the Bible stands above it all. We believe that all Scripture is God inspired and that the Word of God is to be revered. We encourage all to read and get to know it as the major way in which God communicates with us. The Bible claims it alone gives us special revelation about God, and it alone describes the way to God. If Christians place so much emphasis upon the Bible, do we really know: What it is? Can we trust it? How do we read it? Although the Bible is difficult to believe from talking snakes, donkeys to miracles, wonders, virgin births and resurrections.

This teaching series will aim to create more understanding not to blindly accept without considering the difficulties of how relevant the Bible is for us today.

This is Part 2 of our ‘The Holy Bible’ series delivered by Justyn Towler.

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Born into Renewal, Justyn has been part of the church his whole life. He now heads up a vast team of talented staff and volunteers at Renewal in between cups of coffee and a digestive biscuit.

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